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Why live in New Zealand?

 New Zealand is one of the most safe countries in the world today.

This from recent immigrants:

“The people here in NZ are the friendliest I have ever met.  That was not the real reason that I came here but it is such a BONUS!!  I feel so welcome.”

“The banking system is one of the most advanced in the world” – from a UK Banker

“I just love this clean green beautiful country where I can achieve such a great work-life balance”

Wellington, the capital city has been dubbed  – “The Coolest Little Capital in the World” (in a survey by Lonely Planet Magazine).

“Wellington is a compact, cosmopolitan city in a beautiful environment.”

“NZ is a small country with the same disciplines as a big country.  Because of its size, it is easy to gain new skills & experience by transferring to another service within the same area without too much trouble.”

New Zealand has been named the second best place to be in 2011 by the global broadcasting network CNN.